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My voice still hurts

So I was a little sad about not being about to go to supanova this year, but it was worth it. Last Wednesday (11th) was my birthday. On Thursday I was taken to the Video Games Unplugged - Symphony of Legends by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  

It was awesome. Not as awesome as the dr who one they had a few weeks back. But still pretty awesome. There’s just something about music live. They played many songs from the current triple A games and a few old school ones. The hosts; Scott and Kris of Penny Arcade and Will Wheaton. 

On Saturday I was kidnapped. My friends had something planned. Something no one had told me about. We met at 1:15 at Melbourne central, Jesse and Sofie handed me a HUGE myer bag filled with goodied. And then we walked down swanston street. Passing Bourke Street I noticed the Comedy Festival banners. I look up to Austin and Jesse and ask “Are we going to the comedy festival? … are we going to see Paul McDermott?” :O Austin and Jesse say nothing. We walk towards town hall and as we start to pass it, I notice a huge black bored with all the shows. I scan for what shows were around the 1:30pm mark and then I saw it. 2pm. Good news week. I ask and they still say nothing. We turn the corner, a huge line had been forming. Heaps and heaps of people. I’m still confused with what is going on. And then someone screams “The end of the line for GOOD NEWS WEEK starts here!” BT facepalms and I scream. I had always wanted to see Good news week at the Comedy Festival. 

We were asked to make lots of nose, and so I did, finally years of my “whoo”-ing at conventions would finally be worth it. I whooed, I screamed, I loled and I clapped till everything hurt. Fuck I love Paul McDermott. So often I wanted to scream "I LOVE YOU PAUL MCDERMOTT" but so many other girls had. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky and meet him on the streets where I will squeak out what I can only hope are words. The night ended with drinks and dinner with some mates from, bte, uni and high school. 

Sunday I caught up with Anna because she didn’t make it to Saturday night. Once again I wasn’t told where we were going so I blindly followed her. 

we ended up in crown and she took me to a all you can eat buffet. It was there and then I decided I was going to eat a bit of everything. Which I almost managed to do. Towards the end and after a dessert run which was made up of 4 different little things, I was pretty full… and maybe a little sick. Most of the food was really nice, I wasn’t too happy with some of the roasted meat and veggies they had, they did however have so many different types of food. I wish I had somehow managed to stuff more dessert into my stomach since there was just so many things that looks so yummy! I gotta go back one day and start at the dessert area XD 

The day ended with some shopping and catching up with some mates from Perth and Pancakes. 

So for the past few days I’ve been catching up with mates, doing lots of talking and a fair bit of yelling. But it’s been so much fun. 

Here’s some of the loot I managed to score. Thanks everyone :D 

Portal 2 coasters, Cookie jar, soft toy panda that came with chocolate, portal book ends, scarf and the first book of The Walking Dead

Did also get a mug and more chocolates that aren’t in the photo. I hope tomorrow my voice is back to normal but who knows. 

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